velorail et autorail du Vivarais
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  • Descent by cycle rail-car is a fun and enjoyable family outing.
  • Cycle rail-cars travel downhill, in the same direction by convoy (one-way). A member of our staff escorts the convoy at the back.
  • The two front seats are inclined, and can be adjusted for a comfortable riding position.
  • point anchorage seat belts equip back seats and offer possibility to fix a front-facing child seat
    (5 point harness for children weighing at least 9kg). Rear-facing seats and carrycots cannot be fixed on rail-bikes.
  • A historic diesel train assures an ascent of the participants without efforts.
  • Each round trip lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the programme due to weather conditions or storms (please contact us).
  • Large objects such as bicycles, strollers, or ice chests are not allowed on the cycle rail-cars.
The cycle rail-cars are equipped with room under the back seat to place your personal belongings. We suggest that you bring a bag to store your belongings (glasses, hats, cameras...).


  • The activity of pedalling is not recommended for people who have been advised by their doctors to avoid physical exertion.
  • Shoes and clothes should be appropriate for this activity.
    During the summer, we recommend wearing  sunglasses and a hat or cap. If necessary plan rainwear
  • The reception of the people in situation of handicap is to be studied.

Seats and Equipment

  • The maximum number of people on each cycle rail-car is limited to 4
    ( ( Possibility to benefit of a 5 seat rail-bike for families with 3 children under age 14, according to availability).
  • Each child, no matter their height or age, occupies an individual seat.
  • The driving front seats of the cycle rail-cars are reserved only for those who are able to reach the pedals and fully activate the brakes, while remaining in the normal riding position (1m35 minimum).
  • An adult is required in the front driving seat when one or more children under 10 years are seated in the cycle rail-car.

Children participating in the activity

  • Please closely supervise the behaviour of children, for their safety


  • Wearing a seatbelt is required for children under 1m35. Therefore they must sit in the back seats of the cycle rail-car.
  • Children under 4 years must be seated in the child seats provided for use, facing the railway line


  • Plan on arriving 30 min. before the departure time.
  • 30 % of deposit will be asked you at the time of the reservation
  • Children under 4 years are not allowed.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, the cycle rail-cars may be used by children under 14 years without an adult, in the case of organised groups and under the following conditions:
    • Children must meet the height requirements for the front seats.
    • Children under 1m35 must sit in the back seats, and use seatbelts.
    • Accompanying adults are responsible for supervising the respect of safety instructions

Accompanying adults are dispersed throughout the group in every other cycle rail-car, and are required to drive the first and last car of the group.

People with reduced mobility, thank you for contacting us

Minimum number of adults required for groups of children
Number of children
Number of adults
Number of children
Number of adults
less than 3
from 39 to 45
from 4 to 10
from 46 to 52
from 11 to 17
from 53 to 59
from 18 to 24
from 60 to 66
from 25 to 31
from 66 to 69
from 32 to 38